[Noel’s Knoll] Rom: Spaceknight, issue 8 – “Deathwing”

“My enemies flee! But why?!”

“Because they fear the shadow of death more than they fear you, Spaceknight! This time, however, the devourer will be content with the sacrifice of one soul, Spaceknight… yours!

In the smashed out remains of Brandy’s laboratory, still littered with the shredded tendrils of the Thornoids, Rom and Brandy stand over Steve, who clutches the body of his friend, Officer Artie Packer. Other employees have gathered on the other side the locked door, trying to investigate the sounds they’ve heard. Brandy tries to get Steve to clear out, but he goes into a rage, blaming Rom for Artie’s death and screaming that they never should have trusted the murderous robot. He says the Wraith had been silent and content in their human disguises on Earth, and only turned to violence when Rom showed up and forced their hand.

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[Red Pen Reads] A Game of Thrones – Daenerys and Tyrion

Dany is inspecting the aftermath of a battle — more of a slaughter, really — from the privileged height of her horse. Another khalasar had come across a shepherding village and were in the process of savaging it when Drogo & co showed up and finished off both. We’re treated to some lovely scenes of torture, killing, and rape. Dany is affected but reminds herself that this is what it will take to reclaim her throne. It’s like Jorah said, the people don’t care who gets sit on the throne and no matter who wins the war between kings, the people will always lose.

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[The Ohtori Archives] Hani Knows Kung-Fu, er…Karate

Episode 7…in which Kyoya plays God and Hani opens a can of Whup-Ass

We open this delightful episode of insanity on a genuine Tropical Vista and a very, very confused Haruhi. Though elaborate cosplay is nothing new to our reluctant heroine, Japan does not actually exist within a Tropical Zone, so her confusion mas merit. Continue reading

[Red Pen Reads] A Game of Thrones – Jon

And we’re back! Ok, so I’m back. I apologize for my protracted absence. It’s a combination of real life, propensity for procrastination, and the fact that the last chapter that I recapped reminded me that this series will eat my soul and I needed time to regain my will to live, or at least to read. I would’ve loved to come back to Tyrion, but I’ll accept Jon as a suitable consolation prize. To the Wall!

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