[One Man’s Worth] Weapon X #2


Logan finds Jean trying to help the humans who have ridden across the atlantic on sentinels into Europe.  Unfortunately, two of Apocalypse’s followers, Box and Copycat, have also snuck in among them and start shooting like crazy.  Logan takes them down, but Jean doesn’t want him to kill.  It seems the two of them are starting to grow apart.

Logan heads over to give the high council information, but he’s stopped by Mariko.  They hint at their past and briefly tease us by reminding us of their history in the main reality before she tells him she does not trust Brian Braddock.  They are interrupted by an explosion as yet another terrorist group is attacking, this time a group of altered humans who in the main reality make up the Reavers.  I have no idea where they got an airship from or why this is suddenly a steampunk world, but regardless Logan decides to jump into the flames and hope his healing factor will keep him alive long enough to take the Reavers down.

He manages to do just that, even with all the hair burned off his head (and isn’t it interesting that his pants don’t burn up like his shirt does?), but as he’s done he hears Jean telepathically telling him goodbye.  She’s making her way back to America to warn them about how the Human High Council plans to blow it all sky high.  He manages to catch up to her before she takes off, but she tells him he’ll have to kill her if he wants to stop her, and we all know he can’t do that.  Well, unless she’s the Phoenix in a movie we don’t want to talk about.

This is an extremely quick issue.  I guess because it’s primarily action and not much else.  The Mariko bit feels completely unnecessary, but otherwise its paced fairly well.  I like that it hints at a past between Logan and the Reavers without actually spelling it all out for us.  It just leaves you wondering and able to make up the reasons for yourself.  Beyond that there’s really not much to say because it’s over and done so quickly.

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