[One Man’s Worth] Factor X #1


A group of mutants named Artemiz, Phantazia, Newt, Dominic, and Pyro are trying to escape Apocalypse’s prison camps, but are stopped by Cyclops, Havok, Northstar and Aurora.


This version of Pyro does not have the special equipment he has in the main universe, and every time he uses his powers, he badly burns himself. While Cyclops tries to capture the escapees peacefully, the others are more than happy to kill them.


We cut to Sinister alone with his thoughts, thinking about how he was so close to engineering a newer better race of mutants, but then Apocalypse started this war with the humans. He’s going to have to escape the citadel and put into actions his plans to takeover.

We find out that two more mutants are directly under Sinister’s guard, Elizabeth and Sam Guthrie. They’re in charge of keeping the mutants held inside the pens from escaping. After scolding them for letting the few escape, Scott moves on to go to see Sinister while Alex goes to check up with Beast.


Sinister narrates to us that it was he and McCoy who designed the Infinites, the soldiers we’ve seen fighting for Apocalypse all through out these issues so far. Somehow, this version of Beast still has his delightful enthusiasm and charm while also being deliciously evil. Alex meanwhile, wishes to take his brother’s place as Sinister’s favorite.

We’re introduced to the Bedlam Brothers, another of Sinister’s group. They bicker amongst each other but seem to truly care about each other, which is something we can’t say about the Summers brothers. The Bedlam Brothers head to Heaven to party, and Alex also shows up but he’s here to see the singer, Scarlett McKenzie. She’s a human, so he’s really not supposed to be seeing her, but the heart wants what it wants.


When the three of them return home, they find Cyclops waiting outside Sinister’s door wishing to be let in. One of the Bedlam brothers picks the psychic lock for him, and when they open the door they find the place empty and all the equipment trashed. Cyclops claims leadership, but Havok plans to change that.


Once again, we get an issue that is more introduction than anything else. Since we’ve already seen hints at Sinister, Cyclops, Havok, and Beast before now a lot of it feels particularly tedious. But of course there’s no guarantee you’re buying those other issues, so they have to do it. But personally I’m really, really glad I’ve only got on more first issue left.

[One Man’s Worth] X-men Chronicles #1 – A Dark Reflection

While the primary Age of Apocalypse issues were set in the “present day” part of the timeline, they did think to provide us with a prequel to those stories in the X-men Chronicles series. This title replaced X-men Unlimited, which was basically just a series where Marvel was squeezing even more money out of us X-men fans by providing outside-of-the-main-storyline character pieces in double sized issues. In all fairness, a lot of these stories were really high quality in large part due to that longer length.

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[One Man’s Worth] Introduction

Like many of my generation, watching the X-men cartoon that premiered in 1992 led me to picking up the comics and becoming a full fledged, dedicated reader, visiting my local comic book shop every month to get the latest issues. Being judged by my peers as an outsider and a weirdo, the X-men and their “hated because they are different” themes appealed to me in many ways. Having very few friends of my own, I thought of them as my friends; characters I went on adventures with by reading their comics and watching the cartoon.

As such, I’ll never forget the day I walked into my comic shop in early 1995. The store was run by an elderly couple – he was the sports card expert, and she knew the comics. She also knew who of her customers read what, even without them having a pull list. So when I walked in that day to buy my comics, she pulled me over to the counter to show me a press release. She did not look particularly happy about it. I’ve scoured the internet to try to find a copy of that press release, but apparently no one has uploaded it to the internet, so I’ll do my best to paraphrase:

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