[One Man’s Worth] Weapon X #1

The last we saw of Logan and Jean, they had just brought some information from Sinister to the Human High Council in England, informing them that Apocalypse intended to betray their truce.


Their reward for their efforts is to be sent on a rather dangerous mission to try to penetrate the Atlantic Sea Wall and take out its control center.


Apocalypse’s goons call in Havok to help fight them off.


Their fight is really just there to grant us a bit of exposition.  We find out that Logan lost his hand to Cyclops while rescuing Jean from Apocalypse’s camps and he took out one of Cyclops’ eyes in revenge.  Havok throws a lot of nasty words at Jean and Logan pounds him for it.


Their battle is interrupted by dozens upon dozens of sentinels being launched, and a footnote assures us we’ll find out what that’s all about next time in Amazing X-men #1.

Meanwhile Cyclops informs Apocalypse of Sinister’s defection while Beast interrupts to let them know that Havok fused with a sentinel hand when he was teleported out, and this dark version of Beast is about to gleefully use a bonesaw to free him.


It’s a quick little moment but it’s also pretty twisted and amusing.  Of course it may just be that any temporary reprieve from Logan hates Scott and Scott hates Logan is always welcome with me after so many years of following the X-men.  Like so many other men in a love triangle, you just want these two to kiss and make out already.

But for now, Logan is making out with Jean instead.  And while doing so he assures us that he loves her completely, though he worries that she only cares for him because he rescued her.  For what it’s worth, I like the chemistry and partnership the two of them have going on in this issue. They seem good for each other in this crazy world they are living in.

Once they’re done kissing they rejoin the human high council which at this point is shown to contain Mariko Yashida and Brian Braddock besides Emma Frost, and Moira and Bolivar Trask.  I think there were some errors in the art here, as it seems like Braddock wants to let Mariko talk, and then strongly disagrees with her shortly afterward.  Regardless, some of the humans want to give peace a chance, but Brian does not.


Their discussion is interrupted with a loud THROOM when Magma drops in on them to attack.  Despite the fact that they don’t truly trust him, Logan kills her to protect the council.

Why Wolverine is so popular in one easy page: He dispatches an enemy with little effort and then shrugs off the fact that his entire arm is on fire.

However she assures him that she won’t be the last mutant they see, and that Apocalypse is determined to kill them all.  Brian says this proves his point, and that they have no choice but to launch a nuclear strike on America aka Apocalypse’s territory.

The art in this issue seems a little sloppy to me over all, and when I looked at the credits, I noticed it said “Adam Kubert – breakdowns, Karl Kesel, Dan Green, Chris Warner – finishes” so I guess that means they were a bit pressed for time on finishing this one.  As such I won’t be too harsh.  There’s not a whole lot happening here, and I had to go back and review a few moments to see just what was going on exactly.  But I do like that Logan and Jean’s relationship shines through as something positive amongst the mess.

Next time I’ll be covering Amazing X-men #1


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