[Red Pen Reads] The whys, wherefores and WTFs of this project

When Game of Thrones the HBO show hit the screens, it revitalized my interest in the series. I first discovered it some time after the release of book 2, but by the time book 4 rolled around, it slipped from my consciousness and so books 4 and 5 remained unread.

The show reminded me that I really did enjoy the story, only rather than pick up where I left off, the material to fill any gaps in my memory only a Google-search away, I decided to reread it properly from the beginning. Why blog about it? I like recap blogs myself, for books and TV shows, so this is my chance to actually contribute something instead of being the perpetual consumer.

Since this is a reread blog, I already know what’s coming for the characters, but I’m going to try and avoid outright spoilers. I won’t necessarily do just one narrative segment per post, because some of them are really short.

It’s been 10 years since I last read A Game of Thrones. Let’s see how it holds up!

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