First Impressions – An Expansion

Happy New Year, everyone!

2013 seems to already be a year for change. There are new opportunities all around us, just waiting to be grabbed. And like the changing of the seasons, with the old being joined with the new, so too will Second Time Around change.

We’re still a collection of old experiences seen with new eyes. That part will never change. Looking back on a television series or book or comic or movie that we love, and digging deep to find out why we enjoy it and share it with new readers, that’s always going to be fun.

But with new opportunities come new shows, new books, new games and movies that we’ve never experienced before. Something we’ve had in the “To-Do” pile for a while, or that was recommended to us the same way that all our favorites are recommended to all of you.

Thus we introduce First Impressions, and Noel will kick us off in the coming weeks. And with it, all new opportunities for reviews and exploration and deconstruction of what will surely be something special, that we just haven’t seen yet.

But we will.

And we hope you will join us.

2013 is going to be a lot of fun.