[smallerdemon’s second level] Back to the Village – A Rewatch of The Prisoner

I was introduced to Made of Fail through the fantastic series of posts rewatching Farscape. Farscape being a favorite of mine made me thoroughly enjoy the appreciations of it as well as the sometimes spot-on critical observations.  It made me end up follow Noel on Twitter and discussing other shows that I would like to see them rewatch. When I suggested a rewatch of The Prisoner Noel suggested I might as well be the one to do it. And so I thought I might as well give it a try and go back to one of my favorite television series of all time.

That is the simple reason I am going Back to the Village. To see it again anew. To watch it and record my own reactions and observations to it. To see if it’s just as important to me now as it was in the early 90s when I first discovered it on the SciFi Channel. This might be easier for me than some, since I have collected a few wonderful books on The Prisoner that make researching other people’s observations on it much easier. While not a “collect everything and anything about The Prisoner” style fan, I have loved it enough to have maps of The Village, the DVD set and a couple of wonderful books. But I haven’t watched it in years, and I feel like I might need a refresher in exactly what grabbed me about it in the first place.